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the parable of the The Messiah Scrolls

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Apostolic authority in
the 21st century

(with a review by
Tom Krattenmaker)

The transformative
rule of Christ

An invitation to
Millennial Christians and
unaffiliated young people

The Messiah Scrolls
as Digital Literature

Note to my friends

How can we know God?
Through the Holy Spirit!

The Gospel in Christ Culture:
how resemblance and
stereotypes endanger
100% Christian community

Christ Culture and
Civil Community

Notes and tweets
from the 2014
Justice Conference

About the Authors

About the Parable
...if you’re Christian
...if you’re not Christian
...if you prefer not to state
...and Second Life

Project Strategy & Goals

  • An online web-book about the origins of the first Christian community
  • Be present with the Apostles as the New Testament was written and compiled
  • Witness the community building power of the Holy Spirit
  • Readable from any browser (iOS, Android, PCs) with pop-up references
  • Follow @messiahscrolls on Twitter for project updates
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Many thanks to everyone who has supported my effort to bring the first Christian Community to life in novel form.

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  • Read Chapter Three which shows a glimpse of young John, the future apostle, and his best friend, later Paul's scribe, at rabbinical school (no registration required, so displays without popup definitions)

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